Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

For some reason, when this came out I didn't pay it any attention, I've liked Quentin's stuff for a long time but it was casual, you know? Like a band having these couple of songs you like but you are not that into it to memorize their names. And back then I wasn't that much into movies for something other than the social aspect of going to theaters with friends or a date.

So, on friday I listened to the Joe Reagan podcast where Quentin was a guest and they talked about this one and hateful eight. Since I made a 2021 resolution to get more into movies, actually read reviews, learn about the directors and all that jazz, decided I should watch the ones I haven't yet.

I still haven't watched reservoir dogs or the hateful eight yet but I'm gonna do it sometime this next week.

Regarding the movie, I really enjoyed it. I was wondering why the violence we are all used to wasn't really showing up but then a girl gets hit with a can of dog food in her mouth and well, yeah... there it is.

Had fun, really liked it, probably gonna watch it again at some point. Mabye once I'm done watching his stuff I'm gonna do it in chronological order or something. Maybe.