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  • In the Name of the Father
  • The Matrix
  • 1917
  • Platoon

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  • I Want Candy


  • Oasis: Knebworth 1996


  • Carrie Fisher: Wishful Drinking


  • Jackie


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  • I Want Candy

    I Want Candy


    A silly British comedy that has some laughable moments, but ultimately the glaring reasons as to why today was the first time I’d heard of I Want Candy (2007) in the 14 years since its release were clearly evident.

    Format: Digital (HD)
    Platform: Sky

  • Oasis Live at Earl's Court in London 1995

    Oasis Live at Earl's Court in London 1995


    Well…after watching Oasis: Knebworth 1996 (2021) yesterday, I felt it only right that I should watch my Knebworth and that was the Earls Court gigs of ‘95. My god…has a band been so on point in its career as Oasis were at this point in theirs. The performance eclipses Knebworth in my humble opinion and not just because I was there. Liam has never sounded as good and as for Noel’s lead guitar playing…well he just doesn’t get the credit he deserves, irrelevant of his song writing capabilities.

    Format: Streaming (SD)
    Platform: YouTube

Popular reviews

  • War Horse

    War Horse


    I am genuinely dumbfounded by the negativity War Horse (2011) receives. Overly sentimental, unrealistic, not brutal enough and too manipulative all seem to be the favoured opinions. For what it’s worth I think the cinematography and production design is incredible and the screenplay very effective, focusing on a cyclical structure that delivers both emotion and bags of heart. The war scenes are really impressive and respectfully done considering the demographic the book was written for. John Williams score is beautiful and Steven Spielberg’s direction graceful. A wonderful experience that would not have had the same impact had the sentimentality been toned down and the violence turned up.

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    It goes without saying, this film had to be bigger and better than any other MCU movie to go before it...and it was, with eleven years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe being celebrated in style. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo deliver an action film that not only pays homage to all the actors and filmmakers involved in this series to date, plus a few familiar movies, it also does it with a touch of class, some of the best visuals…