Us ★★★½

I admire Jordan Peele as a filmmaker, I want to be clear about this. His use of metaphors and undertones are intelligently woven into his material and his tributes to the films and filmmakers that have inspired him are tastefully done. Us (2019) continues in this vein, but there’s still something lacking for me that is preventing Peele from becoming the ‘complete’ filmmaker.

Us starts with huge promise and as the film begins to unfold we have a mixed bag of thriller and comedy. Then as we move into the second act the thriller element is replaced by horror, but the comedy remains and thus my struggle begins. The movie feels confused, unsure of how it wants to entertain its audience. The metaphors and performances, notably Lupita Nyong'o, kept me invested with some truly excellent moments accompanied by an inspired use of music and score, but the complete experience failed to sweep me off my feet along with its predictable ending.

For his next film I want to see Peele use his skill set, not just in his metaphors and undertones, but also in the overall experience. I want to be blown away by this guy. It will come I know it will, he is close...very close.

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