Nymphomaniac: Vol. I ★★★★½

I was kind of in conflict with myself whether i should register and rate this as one movie or two separate movies. My honest oppinion is that both vol. 1 and 2 should be rated and watched as one movie - When possible of course - since the only reason this is split up into two parts was because the production company believes that the audience has a very short attention span and i don't think it's fair to either part to rate them separately. Trier's vision wasn't two movies, but one. Then Again, Trier doesn't approve of this cut either (Whether two movies or one) and only approve of his directors cut, which hasn't been released to the public yet.

So, while i really want to watch and rate vol. 1 and 2 as one movie, i actually have to take a longer break than expected between the two, which is the only reason why i rate it as two for now.

Anyway, all i can say is, Trier has made another masterpiece. Very strong story. The "pornographic" scenes are few and far between and in that regard it doesn't exactly live up to it's hype. And although Shia and Christian Slater don't make convincing brits(Or whatever accent they try to sound like) i enjoy the acting. The story unfolds like a very interesting novel. To me there hasn't been a boring scene yet. A really good von Trier movie so far, can't wait to watch part 2.

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