Suicide Squad ★★

Random thoughts i got while watching Suicide Squad (May contain some spoilers):

Is it a comeback, if you're more or less the only good part of a movie? Except for of course the...ahem charmingly weird Harley Quinn!!

Waiting for Batman to say "Welcome to earth" after punching Captain Steven Hiller.

Move away daughter of Deadshot, don't ruin a good fight!!

God dammit, you did it, you ruined a good fight!!

About damn time Jim Carrey played a green-haired gangsterboss.

The music videos at the start seem to go together and tell a story, but i'm not sure.

Why does Enchanstress sound like one of those american movies, which are badly dubbed into german, that i accidently watched as a kid, even though im not from Germany and don't understand german, but danish televison still showed them. Why is danish television so weird?

Harley Quinn introduces herself, Katana replies with "Shall i kill them?"

Harley Quinn be like: "Fuck you guys, i'm gonna take the elevator"....The group be like: "No fuck you, we're gonna take the teleporter"

Rick Flagg be like: "The bomb in Harley's neck won't go off, better just sit here with my gun in my hand and watch her walk slowly by me, that seems like the logical thing to do"

What is with blockbuster movies, and swirling rings of trash in the sky these days?

The gigantic stick figures fight to the death.

Wait a minute, was that Scott Eastwood sacrificing himself? Has he been in this movie the entire time?

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