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  • Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons - The Movie

    Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons - The Movie


    Neat animation. The style hides some of the cheaper aspects of it. The action scenes are really exciting and well made. But the pacing and the editing are actually terrible and the characters don't add much to what is already a simple story.

  • Host



    Well, i might just never make a video call ever again. Thanks Host.

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  • Deep Blue Sea 2

    Deep Blue Sea 2


    Ah yes. The famous "sequel" that is actually a cheap direct to dvd ripoff of the original, made only to profit out of an old property. Deep Blue Sea 2 stands among classics such as Alien 2 and Turkish Star Wars. The only difference being that this was actually made by the same studio. To be fair, some of the effects aren't laughably bad.

  • I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

    I Want to Eat Your Pancreas


    For some reason the title is one of the most normal things about this movie.