Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom ★★★½

A Fierce, bold, colorful menagerie of soul. Like a raw nerve exposed and simultaneously extinguished. Playing a dance between love and pain. The blues of Chicago drips with tired and true laments of black oppression and exploitation. Based on a play by August Wilson and from the same producers that brought the realization of Fences to the screen comes Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, full of heart and grit. It’s unapologetic timbre and tone plucks deeply at one’s soul and reverberates every note of this spoken word presentation. 

Featuring phenomenal and gut wrenching performances by the late Chadwick Boseman and the great Viola Davis that will be seated in your memory. This is what Oscars are made of. And it’s clear Boseman went out on top and Davis is a force to reckon with. As this film is an ode to the pains and sorrows of the black community fighting for visibility, especially in an era of invisibility. It’s a remembrance of great talent and good times. It’s a reflection on a painful truth that many black artists across history have never got the credibility they deserve. It’s real talk for modern times. It’s great music and sensational moments. Ma Rainey’s is a stellar jewel and slice of not only music history, but black history that deserves to be seen and heard. A definite must see and a definite film worthy of Oscar accolades. I highly recommend stepping back into the era of Blues with Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.

Happy Holidays everyone! 
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