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  • The Muppets

    The Muppets


    I think this is a very sweet and funny movie; could possibly use a little less Walter and a lot more Rowlf, if you ask me... Jason Segel’s genuine wide eyed muppet enthusiasm really shines through his eyeballs during this movie.

  • State and Main

    State and Main


    I thought I was going to love this and I kind of hated it instead... the stilted performances from usually great actors were to be expected in a Mamet-directed movie, but it was also ethically confused, not nearly as funny as it smugly believed itself to be, and so ugly! Mamet could use... a real director and a respect for actors! His writing does shine in the movie’s quiet moments, and Rebecca Pidgeon is an angel, I wish this movie was just about her.

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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    I’ll be thinking about this movie for the rest of my life, that’s all!

  • It Happened One Night

    It Happened One Night


    Sometimes you save a movie you know you’re going to love for a night when you really really need it, and this was that. So beautiful, funny, and sexy. Frank Capra, I love you.