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  • The Case of the Curious Bride

    The Case of the Curious Bride


    Not quite as good as the first movie in this series and I've got to say a lot of that comes down to Spudsy. Why did they have to do that to poor Paul Drake? He didn't deserve to become "Spudsy" in this movie. On a cool note, though, Errol Flynn is in this in his first Hollywood movie. He's a dead guy (and then we get to see who/ what killed him.

  • The Case of the Howling Dog

    The Case of the Howling Dog


    This was the first on screen Perry Mason and Warren William as the title character was pretty good. I really like the Raymond Burr Perry Mason tv show, but tonally this was felt quite a bit more hard boiled. He really doesn't mess around. It's a bit convoluted and at times it's kind of tricky to follow who's who, but it's definitely worth trying.

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  • [REC]²



    I'm glad I watched this so soon after rewatching the first film since it was still so fresh in my mind. I really liked this although it wasn't quite as strong as the first movie. I particularly liked the first half that follows the SWAT team - and that ending as well. Talk about an intense, nail-biting sequel!

  • Inglourious Basterds

    Inglourious Basterds


    Probably the best choice I could have made to watch a comedy featuring a dictator. Why did I put that off for so long? Also why didn't I know Daniel Bruhl and Michael Fassbender are in this?