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  • A New Life

    A New Life

    A horror film, not about a story, but about a place, about barking dogs, desert landscapes and black corridors. A bit as if someone had told David Lynch that he could do a little un-American films, Philippe Grandrieux transforms an undefined Eastern Europe with grainy images, blurred wobbles and without dialogue into a limbo ruled by violence. The fact that you can only follow the story in rudiments at first is not important, because Grandrieux tries rather to evoke a…

  • Russian Ark

    Russian Ark

    “Look. The sea is all around. And we are destined to sail forever...to live forever.”

    This is one of my favourite pictures ever made and a great comfort film for me.

    “Russian Ark” is a 96-minute single-shot film, which takes us through a journey in Saint Petersburg's Winter Palace, in which a mysterious eye is searching, starting with one age in Russian history then onto the next, joined by an unidentified European essayist.

    Progression in cinema is regularly connected with…

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  • Marketa Lazarová

    Marketa Lazarová

    Voted best Czech film of all time in 1998 by critics and leading figures in the country's film industry, “Marketa Lazarová” is a dark and impressive epic that addresses the troubled transition from paganism to Christianity in the bleak regions of medieval Bohemia.

    One winter, the aggressive Kozlík clan attacks a small caravan heading towards Malada Boleslav to meet the king of Bohemia. While Bishop Kristián (Harry Studt) manages to escape, his son Kristián II (Vlastimil Harapes) is taken as…

  • Climax


    The remarkable thing about Gaspar Noé is that he always tries to offer something more than a fictional story in a film. Transmitting, and making the viewer part of that story, seems to be its main objective, and it takes advantage of every element at its disposal to make that happen: in the case of “Climax”, starting with a final scene would not have been something innovative, but to include it immediately the sequence of credits in minute one can…

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  • Mad God

    Mad God

    This is just awesome. 30+ years in the making, a nightmarish, hellworld of abominations, eldritch creatures, mad scientists, blood, feces, and gore. Imagine if Hellraiser had a child with Eraserhead, and said child started abusing steroids. And then you get Mad God. Pure awesomeness straight from hell.

    (P.S. i DONT know how tippett made starship troopers and also this ??!?)

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills

    Seriously awful and atrocious film.

    Throw out everything that made the 2018 reboot decent, and replace it with an exploitation serial killer that looks like it was shot on a GoPro camcorder.

    Appalling acting, 0% substance 100% time-filling gorefest, this movie is seriously one of the worst things I've seen this year, right up next to Leos Carax's Annette.

    I had high hopes due to the 2018 reboot, but alas!