Constantine ★★★½

I was expecting more. However, Constantine still delivers.

It's a very interesting take on biblical aspects. Some of it's rubbish. While some of it is very true.

I really liked how this film shows the darkness of the world in a very layman's perspective.

There are Demons all around us. In a way, the world is Hell. Only, in reality, it's much less obvious.

Usually we don't see the evils that are the world. Most are blind to the forces that surround us. We walk past a house unaware the hellish things that lie just beyond its front door. We wander the city streets without a clue that some predator has their eye on us. We go to church believing to find God, when instead - and very sadly - we find the Devil.

Part of what I liked so much about this film is the fact it makes you think about things. Sure it's presentation is way out there. But, in a way, this film is somewhat of a cautionary tale. It takes the every day world, and puts it into a very literal sense.

Now, about some of the other aspects of this film. I absolutely loved Keanu's performance. It was cool. Collected. Subtle. And I think he carried it very well.

One element I truly loved was the cinematography. It's an obvious nod to Friedken. And the film itself screams The Exorcist.

I also loved the atmosphere. It adds layers to the film's fabled elements. And the look of the film is very rich. In this aspect, it's very reminiscent of that of Fight Club.

Though I truly enjoyed this. The reason for not giving it a higher rating is due to the fact that some elements and sequences could have been handled with much more grace.

And because - though the film isn't too long - it tends to drag a bit here and there.

And due to some over dramatizing in a few sequences.

Other than that, this film is pretty solid.

Overall, I would say that Constantine is a highly entertaining and atmospheric experience. And that it tells a very interesting and thought-provoking - layman's terms - tale of our everyday world.

Highly recommend!

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