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  • Deadpool 2

    Deadpool 2


    Confronted with the challenge of taking its meta-storytelling to the next level, the sequel to 2016's sleeper hit "Deadpool" manages to find the right tune. To stage their self-aware anti-hero Deadpool accordingly, the producers abstained from clinging to the motto of "faster, louder, bigger" by creating a big CGI-fest, but thankfully instead reached into the bag of popculture to further acuminate the story. The feeding of the audience with popular film- and society references and the occasional, unexpected but entertaining…

  • The Cured

    The Cured


    When it comes to facing a zombie apocalypse, one would think that everything has been done at this point. The extinct cities, the circle of friends that is slowly decimating itself, the escape to a "safe haven". This only makes the scenario, that horror director David Freyne has picked for his first feature film all the more impressive: Here, the common zombie elements are a thing of the past and a cure has been found for the "maze virus", the…

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  • Double Date

    Double Date


    First time director Benjamin Barfoot and script writer/ lead actor Danny Morgan somehow have cracked the code to serve established story tropes and stereotypical characters in a fresh, new and entertaining way. Utilising all your favourite slasher elements from other films, the story takes you on a hilarious ride when it comes to dialogue and perfomances, giving you a big grin long after the credits have rolled.

    Setting this little gem off is the sad reality of just turned 30-Jim's…