Pan's Labyrinth ★★★★

Film Club Reboot #7
Recommend by Quintin Philipson

Del Toro understands how to transport you to other world's. Despite having some flaws, I think this movie is really solid and still holds up. I believe this was my first foreign language film mainly because, I used to rent a lot of crazy stuff from the local library. This was one that got me into prestigious cinema and I also started to pay attention to awards season around that time.

Del Toro's re-telling of Alice in Wonderland with a mixture of his own style works really well. Sometimes I wonder if, adult fantasy can actually succeed in the mainstream. Others I can think of is, Mirror mask. But, I remember that being mediocre.

I really enjoyed most of the storylines. I still think the solider storylines are kinda boring imo. But at the same time, it deals with the horrors of imperialism. Jojo Rabbit did the same thing with dreamlike imagery but, that's a comedy.

Yeah, this was a good pick and I'm excited to see what Del Toro has in store next year with Nightmare Alley and Pinocchio.

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