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  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood
  • Raising Arizona
  • Badlands
  • Unforgiven

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  • The Fan

    The Fan


    An absurd genre masterpiece with a positively demented performance from DeNiro.

    I enjoyed the many varieties of Bob D's bellowing "Bobbaaay" at Wesley Snipes (playing a very poorly disguised version of Barry Bonds).
    You get the boisterous "Bobbay!” at the Giants opening day. You get the quiet "Bobbay." when Snipes is swinging over breaking balls by five feet. You get the super slow-mo ultra sad "Bobbbaaaay, Bobbbaaaay" when angry fans repeatedly say "fuck you" to Snipes after a game. You…

  • Pig



    This is my 3rd "Post-Plague" film viewed outside of my home, but it really feels like my first. The other two were Raya and the Last Dragon and Mortal Kombat...not exactly the same vibe as Pig.

    I saw some interesting trailers as I gobbled down an entire sleeve of Twizzlers and inhaled my beloved blue Icee. I saw a Candyman, I saw something that resembled a Bugs Bunny Acme version of a Wes Anderson film, and I saw Marvel's Crouching…

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  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    Ok here's the deal. I haven't seen this movie yet, but a certain former Letterboxd gadfly has. He has a lot of thoughts on it, enough of them to send me a long intriguing review much like he did with Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, during his last self-imposed LB sabbatical.
    After reading this, it would appear that I should watch this film immediately. Matt says it is streaming for $5 on something called the 'Cock network. I'm all…

  • No Country for Old Men

    No Country for Old Men


    High anxiety is a pumpkin patch on a sunny autumn day. As soon as I see the cars lining the rural highway, bleeding out of the dusty parking lot like spilled milk, I know I am in for it. I will stuff the anxiety away, bury it deep down in my solar plexus where it can’t taunt me. As I exit the vehicle I see a 3 foot tall dust devil whipping it’s way towards me and the hellish landscape…

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  • Cop Land

    Cop Land


    Original grade: 4 stars
    Rewatch grade: 4 stars

    You can look at this film in two ways:
     A pseudo-indie film experiment which imploded under the weight of its slumming superstar cast....
    Or you can look at it as a kick ass slow burn neo-western in which James Mangold slyly subverts and toys with the underdog Rocky persona...and then eventually celebrates the vengeful forgotten man persona of Rambo.

    It would have been really interesting to see how this film would have…

  • Oblivion



    Oblivion is a film you may or may not remember from about 7-8 years ago. Tom Cruise is in it playing a man on a post-apocalyptic Earth. There isn’t much to know about the plot other than Cruise bombs around in a cool looking spaceship (and sometimes a futuristic motorbike) looking for damaged drones to repair. He has a partner in a high tower that helps him find these things, and in between missions he finds tchotchkes from “old Earth”…