Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret Service ★★★★½

So my dad gave my brother and me the final two picks of the summer, I had my doubts about this one, but I went for it, and I'm not sorry...

Kingsman: The Secret Service might just be one of the action genre's greatest achievements. Constantly entertaining to the point of almost giving off this irresistible electric feel, well-cast, and featuring some of the best-directed action I've ever witnessed, this movie completely and utterly blew me away. It's similar to the way I felt when I first saw Kill Bill Vol. 1, energized, engaged, and honestly alive. It's nonstop fun that also treats the audience with a significant amount of respect, and while the style originally took me aback quite a bit, a few action scenes in, I was on board. The cast is excellent, obviously, Firth and especially Jackson steal the show, but I thought Egerton gave a surprisingly solid performance and served as a very likable protagonist. Also, THE CHURCH SCENE, oh my lord, THE CHURCH SCENE, I haven't seen a better-done action sequence in my life, holy crap it was so badass, I'll be watching that one 1,000 times on YouTube. The film is occasionally exhausting due to its constant pace, but there's just enough interesting conversation and character to keep those looking for substance invested as well. I needed this movie, I needed this silly, over-the-top thrill ride that I think I'll forever appreciate and enjoy, imperfect, but full of life.

"Manners maketh man," guys, remember that.


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