Naked ★★★★½

I watched this for the seventh round of the Movie Club.

This being my first viewing of Naked, I don't think that I have fully grasped everything that this movie has to offer.

Naked is essentially a character study about a deeply conflicted man, Johnny, and his meandering about London interacting with various people as he waxes on about philosophy and life in general. It cannot be understated how important the spectacular performance by David Thewlis as Johnny is.

Without such a strong turn, Naked would have been an absolute bore. Instead, his rapid fire delivery and ability to inject humor in this very bleak story add level of depth to the movie as a whole that would otherwise be missing. Kudos to Mr. Thewlis.

While I thoroughly enjoyed many of the Johnny's interactions, the security guard and the encounter with Ewen Bremner in particular, I almost loathed some of the others. I couldn't stand the scene with the Woman in the Window. Maybe I didn't like it because it showed the more demonizing side of Johnny's character right after the wonderful back and forth between him and the guard.

But maybe this is the greatness of Naked in general. Maybe I was supposed to feel this way and have these conflicting opinions and back and forths of emotion. While on the outside I never really felt like I was all that connected to the story that was playing out on screen, but in order to elicit such strong reactions I must have been somewhat engaged, right?

Naked is a movie that begs to be rewatched and explored in multiple viewings. I can't wait to revisit this film and try and pick up more details that I missed this time around. I see it as a film that I know will grow on me over time, which is a great feat and probably the best thing I can say about such a dark and contemplative movie.

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