• Zeitgeist



    Reminiscing about the time my first ever boyfriend thought it was a good idea to show this film to my parents.

  • Look Park

    Look Park


    Edited by a young Nick Dorsky! Stunningly beautiful.

  • The Brown Bunny

    The Brown Bunny


    It really says a lot that an open white supremacist like Vincent Gallo can carve out a wealth of supporters in the experimental film community simply by virtue of existing in its weirdness. Shameful.

  • Last Days in a Lonely Place

    Last Days in a Lonely Place


    I hope that the gods go easy with me.

  • Carolyn And Me: Part One

    Carolyn And Me: Part One


    this is my favorite memory. i haven't seen carolyn and me in over two years, but i return to almost daily. i was thinking about how definitive my relationship to, say, city lights is compared to this. i can conjure up the little tramp's weathered, trepidatious smile in an instant. i know how the flower falls from his hand as he stares in her eyes.

    there is no reasonable way my mind's eye could ever have that precision of detail…

  • Hubie Halloween

    Hubie Halloween


    My girlfriend: 
    Me: my friend Paul loves this movie 
    My girlfriend: Paul?
    Me: he’s from Letterboxd 

    Hubie deserves so much more than this world has to offer.

  • Variations



    there is so much joy in showing experimental cinema to those who haven't learned its language yet. "it's how someone would look at the world if they suddenly gained sight after years of only blindness" she says. of course. :)

  • The Wind Is Driving Him Toward the Open Sea

    The Wind Is Driving Him Toward the Open Sea


    you and me, these are titles i can hardly speak. are we bound here to an echo tinted blue and green? let my memory run backwards so together we may lie.

  • City Lights

    City Lights


    It was like a revelation when you betrayed me with your touch, I had just about convinced myself that nothing had changed that much. The old rounder with the iron mask had slipped me the master key, somebody had to unlock your heart, he said it was up to me.

  • Bad Burns

    Bad Burns


    film is just as flammable as me. as easy to maim and degrade. whatever part of my body stores the miasmic constant fear should be cut out.

  • Izy Boukir

    Izy Boukir


    thank you paul

  • Pleasantville



    Every time I watch a film with Don Knotts I regret that I never had the chance to sit on his face.