Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway

I'm not sure how to rate, or what to say about this. Kind of feels like something I would see at like 4am on adult swim back when adult swim had that really strange slot from 3am to 5am. Definitely not the strangest film I've ever seen, but it's eccentric for sure. You can't really rate this as a film, unless you knew how it was directed. What I mean by that is they might have hit it right on the head in terms of how they wanted it (I think they did) but by traditional standards it would be considered poor in the technical aspects... it feels like that's intentional in the same vein parodies are. Feels so sporadic at times, but there was something I liked about that. I don't know what else to say really. It's weird and extremely niche, but it entertained me. A inebriated soap opera.