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    Jason Recommends 22: All Penii Severed edition!

    Jason and I decided to give each other new Kim Ki-duk picks for this week, I love having a theme!

    This is the craziest Asian movie I have seen since Visitor Q!! Further proof that Kim Ki-duk deserves to be recognized as one of the best Korean directors, RIP. I was afraid it being sans dialogue would be an annoying gimmick, but it wasn't a hinderance at all and added to the overall…

  • The Boy Behind the Door

    The Boy Behind the Door


    I love when horror is stripped down. I don't mind (sometimes) when you have to hang out with the characters and build up the dread, but there's something satisfyingly primal when most of the runtime is spent on survival. A chase that never seems to end, I've been there in nightmares myself. Feeling a bit like a lesser version of People Under The Stairs, minus the humor, the 2 child leads do a commendable job here. Bobby really should have…

  • Prophecy



    The best ecoterror film ever, hands down. Doesn't get annoyingly preachy with it and still manages to have some kickass practical effect monsters. The mutant bear and her cubs are the best. I like that even as a mutant with her brain all messed up, mama bear still wasn't unreasonable. She just wanted her baby back. My hopes were low after my last bear horror, Grizzly, but this kicks all sorts of ass.

    Fav bear horror: This.
    Fav piggy horror:…

  • Malignant



    One of the best recent throwbacks to the fun old days of horror. The dialogue is ridiculous, the plot goes completely off the rails by the end and Gabriel is pretty memorable. I loved how her skull would open up. I wish Full Moon in their prime had the sort of budget to go this big. That scene in the prison cell was a-fucking-mazing!

    Watched with Jason!

  • The Toll

    The Toll


    I really enjoyed the vibes in this one. Driving in a dark car, no street lights, at 3AM, with a stranger. The woods, eerie and quiet, as something supernatural fucks with your mind. Pretty impressive for what is mostly a 2-person show.

  • I See You

    I See You


    A nice surprise in a world of low-effort low-budget horror films flooding streaming services. The setup, both in a mysterious child killer and someone "phrogging", or hiding undetected in your (presumably large) house, are both creepy and sets things off well. The way the film then takes its time to unravel all the details of the family in that house, the young phroggers and the serial killer is deliciously done. It had me guessing and fearing for the worst. I am a little jealous that the UK got a blu-ray of this one from Arrow and we have to make do with a DVD.

  • The Windmill Massacre

    The Windmill Massacre


    Not half bad for a modern slasher. A few fun gory kills plus a boring old drowning. The setup didn't make me want to off myself, so that's a win in the race for the most annoying pre-killing victim game most slashers play. I appreciated the unique setup of the killer and 'sinners'.

  • The Choirboys

    The Choirboys


    I love the 70's, love that the movies didn't care about offending anyone and everyone and showed everything gleefully. I appreciate that about this film, bad behavior left right and center. It didn't all gel for me though, I guess I was expecting more cops being bad on the job and a lot of this was cops misbehaving on their off hours. It's a very frat party with guns feel at least until the serious dark moment arrives. Ended up…

  • Female Prisoner Scorpion: #701's Grudge Song

    Female Prisoner Scorpion: #701's Grudge Song


    Jason Recommends 21: All Cops Are Rapey edition!

    I'm going to second Jason's review that this sequel wasn't at all necessary. I couldn't buy that Nami really fell in love with Kudo that quickly, she's too cold. Him, on the other hand, sure, he found someone who had a similar history in a world of women he couldn't relate to. The flashbacks to his torture got a little old except for the one where they poured boiling water on his…

  • Astaroth, Female Demon

    Astaroth, Female Demon


    Not the worst horror movie, but a wasted chance to make something excellent. I liked the practical effects on the demonic tattoos and the lizard man, everything else needed work. Takes itself a little too seriously, which I would have been cool with if the other elements, like gore, had been ramped up. Pretty forgettable.

  • You Should Have Left

    You Should Have Left


    ehhh, there are moments and ideas here that interest me. I liked when the villagers were being weird towards Mr. Bacon and I appreciated that something at least semi-original was attempted with the story. The house was creepy, so big and starkly cold with hallway after hallway potentially leading to anything. I just think the execution was below average. There were at least 10 nightmare jump-scares going on, way too many. Needed something more to give it some oomph.

  • The Intrusion

    The Intrusion


    This is a very hot roughie and I appreciate that not a lot of time was wasted on unnecessary setup. The intruder does an excellent job, he is a pervert who knows what he wants and handles the situation masterfully. My only complaint is the time spent on pussy licking, I suppose he might have been into that, but I like my rapists to focus more on themselves. The hottest part for me was when he was taking the tied up lady's mouth, mmm.