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  • The Night of Candles

    The Night of Candles


    The reassuring comfort of man-made light at night, and the thrill of celebrating during sleeping hours the gift of life, a communal activity to ward off the darkness.

  • Cycles #1

    Cycles #1


    Seeing images that aren't on the screen, the wonderful magic of flicker films.

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  • Idizwadidiz



    What 'Idizwadidiz' is is the treachery of images, the deceptive nature of visual perception, with many evocative transitions and juxtapositions. Complex images are reduced to a simple shape and color not unlike how the brain falsely morphs infinitely rich visual information into easily comprehensible shapes and colors and motions. The film also explores the opposite case of reading familiar and emotionally resonant conceptions into little more than basic geometric shapes and monochrome colors.

    The first section especially reminded me of…

  • Brutal Ardour

    Brutal Ardour


    'Brutal Ardour' is difficult to describe, but I'll try. It's an avant-garde film with structural film elements. The images are very elusive (low-resolution, high-contrast, it's in color but might as well be in b&w, or rather in sepia). You can sense the film running through the projector, it generally runs on a very low frame rate (like about 5 fps), making it actually less about the content of the images and more about the film material.

    More important was the…