Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★½

The MCU is a franchise I’ve been growing up with for the past 10 Years. From 4 to 14 every year a blockbuster film has riden the tides of box office glory and inflated the fame of the comic book movie genre. But ever since 2008, not 1 of the films that have been sent out of marvel has left me completely speechless. But the last 2 and a half hours were some of the most entertaining and immersive theatre experiences I’ve ever had. 
The theatre was buzzing. Everyone in the theatre was looking at each other every time a ball was dropped and without going into detail, that’s a lot of balls. 
The whole thing was just constantly catching you off guard and even if u haven’t been following the MCU closely, you can still find so much satisfaction in the experience. 
10 years of movies have been brought full circle. Every film had a say in this and almost all characters had a moment in the spotlight. Doctor Strange is one of the most underrated characters in this franchise he’s so entertaining and the places he can and does go in this are really cool. 
The guardians are still the jewel in the crown. The places that these guys get taken are again completely jaw dropping. 
The whole experience was just amazing. I hope I don’t forget it. I can’t wait for part 2. Antman 2 will be great and so will Captain marvel. I’m not a marvel fanboy now, just awe-struck.

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