Frank Yan

Frank Yan


Curator at a New York based film festival 

Film music journalist

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  • Introduction



    Should start a list of “you’ll rewatch the beginning right after you finishing watching it for the first time”.

  • Drift Away

    Drift Away


    Such a shame that we can only watch it online with stereo sound instead of surround sound.

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  • DAU. Degeneration

    DAU. Degeneration


    Though the presentation of violence and sex is not as explicit and as dense as in Natasha, make no mistake that Degeneration is more hardcore. Through the 6-hour runtime, the audience falls into the abyss of chaos with the institution on the screen. The authoritarianism created a monster that even itself cannot control. Total destruction is thus inevitable. If Natasha is merely a reenactment of the history, Degeneration is both a fable and a prophecy.

  • Judas and the Black Messiah

    Judas and the Black Messiah


    The fact that a big Hollywood studio like Warner Bros made a film about a Maoist “revolutionary” and named him the “black messiah” is probably one of the most ironic things there can be.