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  • Woodshock



    Film #39 among my 52 Films by Women 2020

    Making their joint feature debut, co-writer-directors Kate and Laura Mulleavy bring us a psychological thriller starring Kirsten Dunst as Theresa, a woman who uses a powerful hallucinogenic substance in an attempt to cope with the recent loss of her mom. In fact, Theresa assisted her ailing mother in committing suicide by providing her with a poison-laced joint, obtained through her work at at a cannabis dispensary owned by her friend Keith…

  • A Time to Kill

    A Time to Kill


    "Yes, they deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell!" ~ Carl Lee Hailey

    Here is an outstanding cast in a legal drama that works well right up till its manipulative and inconceivable conclusion. The story was based on John Grisham's very first novel (1989), which may be to blame for the heavy-handed ending, However, IMO, director Joel Schumacher dropped the ball just short of the goal line. I liked it, but I guess I expected a little…

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  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    No hay banda! It's all a tape. Il n'est pas de orquestra. It is... an illusion! ~ Bondar at Club Silencio

    This magnificent movie will mess with your mind. Over a five-hour period on Saturday night, I watched this film carefully, read up about it on the Internet, and watched it again with frequent pauses and rewinds. I know I liked it. I think I get it. But one never knows for sure with David Lynch.


  • Interstellar



    Notes on my "Interstellar" Experience (not a review).

    Based on what I'd read from others on Letterboxd, I decided to splurge and pay the extra to see the 70mm version. I went to the 1:30pm showing to avoid the evening crowds, but the cinema was still about 80% full. I had to sit much closer to the screen than I normally would, but at least I got a spot dead center for optimum audio effect.

    First impression: I was bothered…