A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★½

"RUN!" ~ Evelyn Abbott

Frankly, I had little hope for this sequel going in, but Emily Blunt returns as the kick-ass mother of three, Evelyn Abbott, and writer-director John Krasinski has pulled himself from the lead role, so I was willing to give it a look. Glad I did. The film's cold opening gives us some insight into day one of the invasion by sightless aliens who are hyper-sensitive to sounds. Then, we shift to day 474, two days after the events of the original film.

More non-dialog? Yes. More jump scares? Yes. Mostly aimlessness? No, not here, as everyone steps up their game. In particular, Millicent Simmonds as deaf-mute Regan, the eldest child, shows some leadership and a maverick streak, when the surviving Abbotts leave their farm and head north looking for community and a safe place to raise Evelyn's newborn. This time, Cillian Murphy is the male lead, Emmett, a family friend who lost his wife to illness while in hiding. He and Regan try to find a radio station, which may be on an island off the California coast. Ready for a silent-running boat trip anyone? Can the aliens swim? Answers revealed in this better-than-the-original follow-up that you will want to watch. Three-and-a-half stars, very good.

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