Repo Chick ★½

Part of my Double Feature Challenge (2)

So 25 years after writer-director Alex Cox's Repo Man (1984) launched off into cult status, he decided to go against studio wishes and create this micro-budget (non)sequel, using the recession of 2008 as a back-drop. We meet Pixxita 'Pixxi' De La Chasse, the sole heir to a huge Beverly Hills fortune, who has embarrassed the family by breaking probation, driving without a license, and sleeping with multiple guys. Tired of the scandals, the family disinherits her and forces the diva to find a real job. Get ready, then, for some of the worst, most unapologetic green screen cinematography you have ever seen.

The repossession of Pixxi's car suggests getting work in the repo field, which is booming in light of the recession and current credit crunch. She shows up at the Velvet Gloves Acceptance Corporation and soon has a job as a repo chick. Her friends Marco (Alex Feldman) and 666 (Danny Arroyo) provide support. The story distills to a one-dimensional plot, with Pixxi trying to collect $1 million for finding three antique railway cars, which are being used by a environmental terrorist group that wants golf and meat-eating made illegal.

Others in the cast include Rosanna Arquette as the junkyard queen Lola, Miguel Sandoval as Pixxi's boss Arizona Gray, Robert Beltran as repo man Aguas, and Chloe Webb as evangelical Sister Duncan. Karen Black is Aunt de la Chasse, joined by Frances Ray as Pixxi's grandma and Xander Berkeley as her father Aldrich. Back from the original film in completely different roles are Zander Schloss as a doctor, Jennifer Balgobin as Nevada, Del Zamora as Lorenzo, and Tom Finnegan as Senator Fritz Fletcher.

This got so stupid so fast, I couldn't bring myself to watch it all in real time. I used fast forward, sampled the footage and felt like I didn't miss anything. So my advice: Give it a wide miss.

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