Wrong Move

Wrong Move ★★★

Wenders largely eschews subtext in “Wrong Move,” a rarity in his early work but consistent with his later embrace of such subtle metaphors as angels. He sends symbolic stand-ins for three generations of Germans on a road trip together, and we watch them clash in predictable ways: the aging NAZI naturally enrages the failed lost generation writer, who naturally wants to bang the free-spirited hippie boomer who will soon disappear up the wide plastic butthole of the 1980s. They are explicitly parabolic and their shallowest characteristics are sometimes given narrative weight thanks to samples of bluntly shitty poetry that the film’s two aspiring writers torment us with. It’s all very clever in an artist-as-a-young-man sort of way and although I enjoyed it as a skillfully wrought and performed independent effort, I found it cloying.

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