The Piano

The Piano ★★★★

I'm embarrassed to say that The Piano is my encounter with legendary director Jane Campion, but after seeing this it most won't be the last, that's for sure. The story, while a perhaps a typical love triangle filled with lust and jalousie, still manages to feel fresh and original under Campion's magnificent direction.

The film partially takes place in the delicate and exotic bush, which can be very claustrophobic and frightening. The cinematography and use of the landscape is beyond incredible, either it's on the windy shore or in the fog-laid jungle. The film is bathed in cold blue or grey, or in warm greens, and the look of it is just spectacular. Some scenes had me gasping.

The film is inspired by Gothic Romantic writing, with costumes and themes being key to the story, as it tries to explore the relationship between love and fetishism. Gothic romance never was my favorite thing, but Campion never underestimates the power of physical obsession, and, for once, I've seen a 90's drama treat erotic passion honestly. These films tend to be too excessive, and therefore loose themselves in nudity and sex (which, I guess is not the worst thing to do, haha!), but Campion too much of a genius for that.

She also slightly touches on the forced assimilation of the Maori people, and therefore provides yet another layer to this already very interesting film. A film I'm already looking forward to revisit.

PS. The acting. Brilliant. Bloody brilliant.

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