John Mulaney: New in Town ★★★★★

FIRST OFF i want to sincerely apologise for being an uncultured swine and never having watched this, what the fuck is wrong with me. my experience watching this was me with some folks from the gc doing a netflix party, me pretending to be american from nyc (and just screeching OH MY HOMETOWN HERE like a bozo when he mentioned home alone 2: lost in new york) with my vpn, the others being actual americans bless them and the two people whom our john mulaney v cards were taken just screaming the entire time THIS IS A MEME, I FINALLY UNDERSTAND THAT REFERENCE, OMG NOW I KNOW WHY YOU CALL THIS PERSON TIGER MUM IN THE CHAT, PROSTATE, SCATTER, FUCK DA POLICE. I KNOW JOHN MULANEY FOR AN HOUR AND I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR HIM OK THANK YOU VERY MUCH

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