Suicide Squad ★½

This film is proof that Warner Bros is destroying the legacy of Alan Horn in order to make money instead of making good films that can bring new fans.

Batman vs. Superman was terrible, but there are redeeming qualities like Ben Affleck's Batman. This, however was fucking dull. It's clearly shown that this film was tampered with via editing because they have to catch up to Marvel and FOX not only through movies, but also through audience and quality.

The plot also sounds exactly like a film that was written within 6 weeks. Why would Amanda Waller's response to Superman and Zod be a bunch of criminals including Harley Quinn? What would Jai Courtney's boomerangs do against someone like Faora? Out of 8 or 9 members of the Suicide Squad, only two of them looked like they could fight Zod, and one of them became a villain halfway through the movie!

Also, Jared Leto and Margot Robbie sucked as Joker and Harley Quinn. If they were both removed from the film absolutely nothing would change. The only reasons why WB puts them in the film was because they need name recognition to get people's seats in the film. It worked, because it was a shady marketing tactic aimed at people who liked the Joker in The Dark Knight.

David Ayer is a great director. He made great films like Training Day and End of Watch. But this is quite possibly the lowest point in his career. I don't blame him for the film sucking. I blame Kevin Tsujihara. He approved 10 DC films with tight schedules altogether in order to catch up with Marvel, and he's so focused on making the DC films that actual good films from WB like Edge of Tomorrow, Pacific Rim and Man from UNCLE ended up flopping because all the marketing budgets for these films ended up on the hands of these shit DC films.

Alan Horn was a genius. He believes that movies should respect the audience and that's why Harry Potter took 11 years and it was a great series that grew up with its audience, and the Dark Knight series ended up being a mature yet fun series of films by a director like Christopher Nolan who shared the same direction that Horn did in regards to cinema.

Kevin Tsujihara is the opposite of that. He tries to pander to the same The Dark Knight audience with Superman of all people, and that failed. But then he tried to pander to the Marvel audience with this one, and that also failed. He has no vision for films and he doesn't care about wanting to create films that could entertain audiences and introduce interesting stories out of established properties. If Wonder Woman ends up being another mess, then the DC Universe is dead, and Kevin Tsujihara should be fired.

Fuck Suicide Squad.