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  • The Pianist

    The Pianist



    As you walk through a desolate town, you see bodies laying around. A hole in their head, and blood in your heart. You keep walking, surely this can't be the worst thing you've experienced? You've seen a old disabled man being tossed off a balcony, with no hesitation and emotion displayed. Or is it? Your family was taken from you, people you loved died, and still, your walking. You're just a pianist, you play the piano. That's all you…

  • Enola Holmes

    Enola Holmes



    Wasn't a fan of it, would have been much better if Enola Holmes was a kingpin and cooked meth. Just imagine her doing the "say my name" scene from Breaking Bad.
    Man: Who the hell are you..?
    Enola Holmes: You know very well who i am...
    Man: What? I have no clue who you are
    Enola Holmes: Yes you do.
    Man: What?!
    Enola Holmes: I'm the cook..I am the lady who killed Sherlock Holmes. Now, say my name...
    Man: ...Enola Holmes...
    Enola Holmes: You're goddamn right!


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  • The Thing

    The Thing



    The Thing is John Carpenter's masterpiece. A horror classic with great attention to detail and a master in entertaining. By the end of it, you consume it and want to watch it again. It succeeds on every level of both filmmaking and entertaining. It has great performances from the likes of Kurt Russel, to the damn dog. Seriously, that dog is great. But making good and nuanced characters isn't Carpenter's thing. Some of them feel a bit bleak. But…

  • Jaws



    "You're gonna need a bigger boat"
    Ah, yes. Returning to timeless classic's during the quarantine. And the one that always comes on top of my head is, Jaws. The movie that created blockbusters, and launched Steven Spielberg into where he is today. Its by no doubt a perfect film. It mixes many things perfectly together. Its got horror elements, comedic elements, thriller elements and dramatic storytelling. It's really original. A movie about a shark killing off people down the beach,…