Southland Tales

2nd Letterboxd Festival - Film 5

Remember when films had actual plots? When they told coherent stories? Weren't those the days? I miss them...

Apparently, the way to go, at least according to one Richard Kelly, is to "make" convoluted, uninterested, dull, nonsensical and forced "reinterpretations" of Bible content. For some reason... that is supposedly explained... but it isn't.

Is this supposed to be something? Or is it just an elaborate and over-expensive YouTube Poop prank? Because, it doesn't matter if you read the graphic novels or not - I did -, you will understand the same: squat.

Can somebody explain this director how humor and analogies are supposed to work? And, while we're at it, please tell him to stop using "time travel" and "apocalypse" as the main ideas of every thing he puts his mind on.

There's nothing else I can add that has not been explained by Linkara and the Channel Awesome crew.

Also, I'm getting the weird vibe that Zack Snyder followed the blueprints of this movie to make his own "labor of love" last year...

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