Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★

Everything's coming up Snyder!

This has a zombie tiger so it is scientifically proven to be a good movie. It's also a combination of a heist film and a zombie film. I like both of those things, so that's winning combo for me. It stars Dave Bautista who I always like and he's joined by a large ensemble who really aren't very interesting outside of maybe his daughter and the safecracker. I do like Hiroyuki Sanada typically but he doesn't do much here.

Anyway, Bautista and his crew are tasked with breaking into a safe in a walled off Las Vegas that is infested by zombies and about to be nuked. Vegas is a good backdrop and it's a solid premise. I like how there are different levels of intelligence for the zombies and there's some great kills and gore too, although it's a little too heavy on the CGI for me. It's fun though and there's some nice humour and I enjoy the action. It is long because Snyder gonna Snyder, but I thought it was generally paced well. Overall I thought this did enough different to standout among zombie movies and I'd be up for more.

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