Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★

The original 1974 Black Christmas is one of the best horror movies ever in my opinion. This is not that. At all. Other than the title and the fact there is a sorority, it does not have much in common with the original. If you are expecting it to be a remake you will probably be disappointed, but if you set your expectations you may find something to like here.

There are definitely some strong points as I enjoy the visual look of the movie and the use of Christmas lighting. Some of the dialogue is very ham-fisted and the acting is not always strong, but I find the cast to be largely likeable, particularly Imogen Poots who is really good.

I do like the feminist theme and general message of the movie of a bunch of tough girls fighting back. What the movie does lack are real scares. There aren't really many creepy moments or genuine horror and the kills are very tame. It does veer into strange territory at the end, which I wasn't totally into, but I appreciate that they tried something different. Overall I like the ideas of the film, and while the execution is off, it is better than the 2006 version and I was relatively entertained.

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