Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★

A collection of really enjoyable scenes that throws together whichever characters they haven’t been able to cram into a scene yet and then just lets them all kind of fuck around for a bit in between fighting cgi monster people.  It’s the best example of a dumb blockbuster we are probably going to get.

The movie doesn’t ultimately have much to say beyond a tenuous recurring thread about weighing one life against all of humanity and its characters have no real room to do much growing because there’s no room left in the frame, but, in fairness (as disappointing as it is to me), the people making this aren’t aiming to make something that matters beyond the investment you’ve given to the other movies that aren’t this one.  They aren’t trying to make a great enduring piece of cinema.  They just want to craft a good time.  The death of a beloved character works in lieu of growth or impact.  Heroes getting their asses beat works in lieu of character arcs.

So since this movie has no desire to be much more than that, that’s really all there is to judge it by.  And it does a pretty good job.  Enough of the action is dynamic enough to offset the rest of the action that isn’t.  The majority of the humour works to the point that you can’t really hear the jokes that don’t over the sound of audience laughter.  And the actors embodying these characters are invested enough that they can ground the weightlessness.  

Brolin brings gravitas and empathy to a silly villain with motivations we’ve seen plenty of times before and star players like RDJ or Holland bring the depth when called upon.

Basically, it works as much as it needs to.  It’s a fun time with some hints of pain that come from ten years of built familiarity.  Not really sure why I wrote this review tbh.  It doesn’t need to be sold and there’s nothing under the surface to warrant much discussion.  I think it just felt weird not to review something of this scale.