Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★½

I feel like perhaps 60-70% of the scenes in this film are incredibly well done in standalone terms, but either don't belong where they occur in the film or straight up don't belong in the film.  Additionally it feels like at least another third of the movie got completely cut out without any thought to telling a story.

Favourite Character
Character Who Kept Me Wanting More: Boomerang
Favourite Performance:
The Joker
Most underused:
Killer Croc/Katana
(Croc has some great little background moments where you see the torment of his character and affection he feels for these people, but there are only microscopic amounts of it)
(Katana literally walks into the movie 40 minutes in and serves no purpose to the story.  It seems like they wanted to balance out the cast and break up the sausage fest, which is admirable but pointless if the character has nothing to do)
Most Squandered Potential:
(He has a a great story, with a great performance, but it's like the film sporadically chooses to make him a main character or to try and sell his story, and it's very shoddily implanted in the film)
Secret Weapon
Favourite Scenes:
Boomerang reacting to Diablo's story
The Love/Hate Climax--idea, not necessarily perfect execution
Deadshot/Flagg relationship
Worst Character:
Worst Scenes:
Everything involving Enchantress
Three helicopter crashes at pivotal moments- is this a fucking motif?
This doesn't lose the film points because I am not going to punish it for going a different route to the comics, but the romanticizing of Joker/Harley's relationship didn't sit well with me.  Making Joker dependent/actually in love with Harley was an odd choice too (felt like it was done exclusively to give WB an excuse to shove him in the film)

I know David Ayer is standing by WB and this cut of the film for now, but I really hope down the line he admits to having a preferred cut that we might see on Blu Ray.  BvS:DoJ didn't need the extended cut but it certainly strengthened the film, but Suicide Squad is a very messy, poorly stitched together film.  The only real disappointment, even in this hope, is that no matter how much stronger Ayer's singular vision may potentially be, he still has a weak villain with a lame scheme/motivation at the center of it.

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