The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

Genre Challenge 2019

10. History

November Scavenger Hunt 2019

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The Favourite was one of the most talked about movies of 2018. Between Letterboxd and being a film student, I could not make it through my day without having this film suggested at least once. I had originally hoped to see it in theaters, but unfortunately I had never gotten the opportunity. During awards season, I became increasingly more left out of the conversation. And eventually, I felt like I had missed the train altogether. I watched my first Yorgos film, Dogtooth during my last semester of school and for the first time I was able to grasp what people might mean when they said that The Favourite was amazing and so weird. I was intrigued once again.

Although not as weird as Dogtooth, The Favourite prides itself on being an unconventional period piece that throws the audience into an uncomfortable and seedy atmosphere that allows no room for comfort. Between the performances, the costuming, the wonderful script, the audience is transported into a world that is completely Lanthimos' own. I rejoice knowing that Olivia Colman received the Oscar for her role as Queen Anne. I was wildly impressed with Emma Stone's performance and her fully realized character. I was also quite impressed by Nicholas Hoult's performance. I really enjoyed his character and was excited whenever he returned to the screen. I am saddened that I didn't hear more people singing his praises. Also, as a huge fan of About a Boy, I was quite giddy watching Weisz and Hoult on screen together again in a completely different type of relationship. It needs to be said once again that this script is perfection. The pacing is lovely the dialogue is unique and the characters are fully developed and realized.

Believe the hype, The Favourite is an experience all its own.

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