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This review may contain spoilers.

Sticking the spoiler warning on so I can go ham and list all the things that I loved in this film! First off, as a fan of the first this didn't let me down at all, felt like a different film in some ways (obviously because it wasn't an origin) but still had the same feel! Glad they got more money to do more.

- I can't believe they killed Vanessa off just like that, poor Wade :( sad she never got to be more than a girlfriend character
- Also, RIP most of X Force, great job from the trailer team for making it look like they'd be in it more and for overall keeping the plot tightly under wraps!
- Opening credits were fantastic (listening to Ashes as I type this up)
- I absolutely adore fourth wall breaking/meta humour so found all of that very entertaining
- I'm honestly in love with Miss Domino, absolutely beautiful and badass queen. In my opinion she looks cooler than she does in the comic and seeing someone of my likeness on screen always makes me feel good
- Loved Negasonic's new look and her girlfriend Yukio, so cute! (Hi Wade!)
- Ryan and Josh were fantastic in their roles, Ryan in particular was born to play Deadpool, can't really imagine anyone else playing him
- THOSE TWO SECONDS OF THE X MEN IF I WASN'T IN A CINEMA WOULD HAVE SCREAMED. Moment I saw Cyclops' glasses ya girl was like
- Felt like a total mug sitting for an actual post credit scene (did have time to kill but whatever) but the mid credit scenes were very funny, again, love fourth wall humour

To summarise, this was a really good time at the movies, delivered all that was promised and I really hope we get a Domino solo movie!

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