The Matrix Revolutions ★★★½

1/ This is wild to say after 17 years, but I think this is the first time I've watched this film where I've understood all of it — what each character and program represents and intends, and how it all carries through to the end. Well, here we are.

2/ Turns out it's a way better film this way.

3/ Naturally (?) reading the notes on Colin Trevorrow's DUEL OF THE FATES script had me thinking about REVOLUTIONS a lot. There's a similar fuzziness in the third act — how, exactly, do you visualize the manifestations of choice and control fighting one another for the soul of a galaxy? — and the idea of Finn leading a peoples' revolution on Coruscant couldn't help but remind me of Niobe, Zee and the rest fighting for the survival of the dock. Perhaps part of the trouble here back in 2003 was that the Wachowskis made an epic instead of a blockbuster: a film where a broad tapestry of characters have individual arcs and vignettes, sometimes eclipsing those of the "main" heroes. (Morpheus is an afterthought here, but the Link/Zee and Kid/Mifune stories really sing.) There's something beautifully old-fashioned about all this, under the circumstances.

4/ I came up with an idea a while back for how Neo and Trinity could appear in the new film, and I kind of like it. We'll see.

5/ Sati in MATRIX 4 or gtfo.

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