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    “Nice dress!”
    “Thanks! It’s Versays”
    “It’s Versace.”
    “It’s Versace.”

    I loved this film. What the fuck.

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    Armie Hammer wasn’t gay, he was just hungry

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    Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous


    ~ watched with dad ~ 

    40 minutes in and my dad says the following: 

    “Do you know what she did for one of her boyfriends on Valentines Day once?”
    “No... what?”
    “She got all the hair around her minge, and shaved it into a heart, and the died it all red for him. Her friends told someone that in an interview.”
    “Oh okay.”
    “She’s so fucking sexy”

    I went upstairs after that. So let’s call this a half log?