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This review may contain spoilers.

Must you rub it in? A man’s dignity is the one thing that holds him back from running amok.

Sometimes a lady likes to have some fun.

What a breath-consuming, heart stealing, mesmerizing marination on power and intrigue and the comically absurd lengths one will go to in order to stay in favor with it.

Yorgos Lanthimos has impeccable taste and this film is no different. The costuming and make up? Stunning! The set design, props? Exquisite! The dialogue? Hilarious! I was especially cracking up constantly at how shameless everyone was with their vocal daggers, and how they threw blood oranges at that one naked guy that many letterboxd reviewers thought was James Corden just ‘cause it was a thing to do? Just a casual routine weekday activity to keep the skin clear and spirits high~~😌✨

Also, this sentence:

Your mascara is running. If you’d like to go fix yourself, we can continue this later.


I loved the ducks and the bunnies, too.

Good times.

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