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  • Django Unchained

    Django Unchained


    Much preferred this to Inglourious Basterds -- Chris Waltz' performance was, well, not quite understated, but way less over the top than IB, and it was a joy. But Samuel Jackson steals the entire movie when we finally get to the 3rd act. A career performance.

    Ultimately it's another genre/exploitation flick from Tarantino, but it's well done and a helluva lotta fun.

  • Berberian Sound Studio

    Berberian Sound Studio


    Caught this last night on the small screen with plain ol' 2.0 stereo, but it still packed a wallop. Ultimately it can't deliver on its vast promise -- the opening/credits sequence alone is worth the price of admission -- so while it's somewhat unsatisfying on the whole (specifically narratively), there are enough transcendent moments to make it more than worth your time. I thought this Independent review summed it up quite well. www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/reviews/berberian-sound-studio-15-8100529.html

  • Elena



    Watched last night with the wife; quintessentially Russian. Wouldn't say I enjoyed it, per se, but I can't shake it either. Dark and cold, just the way I like 'em.