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  • Frances Ha

    Frances Ha


    Not the biggest Baumbach fan, and didn't know Greta Gerwig from Adam going into this. And yes, we've seen this story many times: the woman of privilege making her way awkwardly toward adulthood -- but Gerwig's performance makes all the difference. I couldn't help but root for her combination of strength and vulnerability. More, please.

  • Blue Is the Warmest Color

    Blue Is the Warmest Color


    Haven't been able to stop thinking about Adele since I finished watching this. What happened to her after the film ended? Watching these women in closeup for nearly 3 hours made me incredibly invested in them. And yes, the sex scenes are as intense as you've heard, but never felt gratuitous. A singular film.

  • Gravity



    It's as intense as everyone's told you, 90 minutes of white knuckles. Not a Sandra Bollocks fan, but Cuaron's direction made that a non-issue. Cant think of another movie that's even in the same ballpark in terms of approach and execution. Dude's gotta get some serious consideration for Best Director nods.