Host ★★★★


Host was a blast. It’s a thrilling and terrifying supernatural encounter film that takes place over a single zoom call. The idea of punishing these edgy young adults for accessing the spiritual world they are completely ignorant too is a hilarious concept. Its not necessarily a “new” concept in the horror genre but this film does it right without being far-fetched or corny. That’s hugely because the script and performances are actually really good. Which is rare with this particular sub-genre of horror. Usually the gimmick gets in the way of the overall presentation, but since it had has a competent script and great performances the gimmick is used to a great effect. This is the kind of film that is so effective that it will make it hard to close your eyes because you never know who or what could be watching you. Any horror film that makes you feel that way, to me, is a very successful.

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