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  • Mean Girls

    Mean Girls


    “Omg! Danny devito! I love your work!”

  • Rammstein - Deutschland

    Rammstein - Deutschland


    “Is there such a thing as a perfect music video? One that conveys a message so thoroughly and beautifully?” Yes.

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  • Dracula



    Dracula was created horny so all the puritans could see him as a villain. Nowadays bitches cannot get enough of him being horny. it’s me. I am bitches.

    2/3 of this show is real fun and real good. I remember saying to myself halfway through the second episode “they should never make a modern adaptation of Dracula” and then Stephen Moffat took his grubby hands with that concept and thought “not only was that idea great, but it will be…

  • Prisoners



    The faint whistle.... bro I will cry. Denis don’t make me CRY!!!