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  • La Femme de Nulle Part

    La Femme de Nulle Part


    sur HENRI

  • Theme Song

    Theme Song


    I, You and We/Us are probably some of the most powerful and seductive words that we human had created, and here, Vito Acconci addresses the viewer with them, and the words possess us just as they move him, which works like magic. Same with these "theme songs," those songs of life that always make us think somebody is talking to us. Emotion arose, that's the only truth. The artist/actor/filmmaker knowingly attempts at something impossible: one plus one can only be two. But even then, let us keep the two both remembered.

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  • The Night Ship

    The Night Ship


    Duras’s picture includes at least three different films in itself: 1. The film itself; 2. The film in production; 3. The film in the mind (of the audience). It creates a detachment, as past detached from the present, so is the love between those two realities.

  • The Other Side of the Wind

    The Other Side of the Wind


    I have to see it again, but I am lucky to be among the first audience to see it in beautiful 35mm! Although it is certainly not the best Welles film, but it is extremely reflective to the man himself. You can say that Welles’s films are his own ultimate prophecies, begins with CITIZEN KANE and all the way to WIND. They always show how Orson himself would become and hinted at his tragic fate in Hollywood. (Remember how the Rosebud…