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  • Jezebel



    It is ok. It shows how there are compelling stories in everyday life and an interesting story could come out of it if paid attention. It's not deep as it's subject matter or it's character is not well developed as it could have been but it's still decent enough to enjoy and be a thought provoking piece.

  • Uncorked



    This is fun, smart, not entirely new but still with a fresh take mostly feel good movie. It's like the feeling you get on those days with not much to think about or to do but the only thing in your mind is just enjoying the night with a good wine in your hands with may be a good book or a movie to keep you company.

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  • Incendies



    I have never been more moved, sad and devastated by the end of a story in a movie as I have been by this film. Regardless of any shortcomings in this film may have, the story and performances by the actors alone makes it one of the best dramatic films I have ever seen. It's so powerful and flawless in presenting one of the saddest, mysterious and meaningful stories i have seen in a film.

  • The Surrogate

    The Surrogate


    There are some movies that are not afraid to go after a big idea and put your conscious and way of thinking about stuff on the line. This film is one of those movies which is performed, directed and scripted remarkably well.

    It's thought provoking and so interesting to watch mainly because although it is filled with deep, controversial and philosophical issues, it was presented in non preachy way. After all its a movie, it has to entertain, right? Great work from the cast, especially Jasmine Batchelor who gave one of the years best performance.