I Care a Lot ★★★★

This film was well made and Rosamund Pike was excellent. Actually too excellent that I hated her character so much that I applauded when she finally got what I though she deserved.

The Action sequences were excellent, the score was superb, it added extra layer to it's adrenalin filled full of Tension storyline. And The storyline, I hated it but that is not necessarily a bad thing because I hate what it showed, the coldness of the world it showed us, the rotten heart of the people in it, the premeditated predatory behavior of the system to make people, vulnerable people worse off. As matter of Fact it is a complement, and i suspect the desired reaction by the film makers, that I hated it's story. It's not enjoyable, it i not fun, it made me angry then Again It shouldn't be loved, viewers need to be angry and it shouldn't bee fun what actually happened in this film.

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