Battle Royale ★★★★½

Special Edition.

In the making-of footages of the film, director Kinji Fukasaku (who at the time was 70 years old) is seen yelling at or physically giving directions for the cast. His level of energy on-set here could easily puts most younger directors to shame, the passion the man had for his craft at that age is just unbelievable.

Really, really love this film, almost everything about it is fantastic through and through, but it's really Fukasaku's direction that's really the best part of it. I deeply respect directors that are willing to go completely crazy on a film without a care in the world, and that's what Fukasaku did here. Deliciously over-the-top, insanely confident, and unapologetically violent. Regardless of what you think, this one hell of a swan song is definitely something to remember.

Also, I'm so glad that Kitano himself painted the final painting at the end, a really nice touch.

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