My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising ★★★★

Since my review of Two Heroes (which I watched without seeing the show first) did the show no justice, I'll take this opportunity to review the series as a whole too.

My Hero Academia is simply a miracle, and one of very few piece of media that I can say has hugely impacted me as a person, and I mean on the level that Yi Yi, Violet Evergarden, and Evangelion did for me.

As a genre-blending show, it took the very best elements of traditional sports dramas, superhero stories, and high school settings, then combine them into something truly spectacular. Everything from its diverse range of well-developed characters, incredibly fresh storytelling, amazing worldbuilding, and stunning animation which manages to go above and beyond with every new season is a testament to every department working at their absolute peak, resulting in this spectacular piece of art which I'm sure is going to be looked back for years to come.

This film certainly manages to capture the heart and creativity of the show, but similar to Two Heroes, it's considerably detached from the show's main narrative, which results in emotional power not as well-carried over to the film. However, it's still a blast from start to finish, possessing everything that's great about the show, and is a welcomed addition to the series.

Please, don't remake this.

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