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  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie

    dude you are barry levinson's son, get a fucking grip

  • Master


    there is a narrative decision taken halfway through the film that either makes or breaks the film for you, and sadly it broke the fun that I was having fun up until then (mainly because it totally comes out of left field and feels so disingenuous/intentionally shocking and is not handled with any sensitivity) -- regardless though, i'm struck by kanagaraj's commitment to legibility in his action scenes, opting for wide angles, controlled camera movements, and cuts to punctuate strikes/impacts, rather than the erratic camerawork we often get in most masala fare

    a blast (but only really up until a point)

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  • After



    there is cinema before 

    and then there is cinema After

  • Slumdog Millionaire

    Slumdog Millionaire

    To this day, I cannot fathom how this film sweeped the Oscars. Perhaps the best parts of this film are the amazing soundtrack and score from AR Rahman and the visuals. Other than that, the film is marred by a lackluster narrative and weak characters.

    Also, I don't need Danny Boyle, of all people, to tell me how impoverished and "backwards" India is. The film sadly reinforces many western stereotypes of India and reeks of a racist and condescending Anglo-lens. Sadly, this perspective was legitimized by many awards shows, who literally threw trophies at it. 

    Rant over.